Client Benefits - What's In It For You?

What are the business and financial benefits for you and your organization?

The business and financial benefit for you and your organizations is consistent weekly and monthly overachievement of your planned monthly business and financial objectives, accountability throughout your entire workforce supply chain (all managers and their team members) and a daily award winning customer experience at every touch point.

You will also be enabled to pivot your transaction managers into transformational leaders.

How will this happen?

Pinnacle Solutions invented the unmatched patented statistic-based software technology that will provide you and your teams with the platform to pivot from the 80/20 Performance Rule where 20% of your team members are A+B performers - the mathematical outcome of the 80/20 Rule is an organization/team that is less than 35% performance capable - which generates a return on investments - ROI - of $35 on every $100 dollar that is invested on your workforce supply chain) to the 20/80 Principle where 80% of your team members become A+B performers - the financial outcome will produce an ROI of $80 on every $100 dollars spent. This is an improvement of 229%.

This enhanced and required performance state will also represent millions to hundreds of millions of additional revenues (projection is based on the size of the company).

Pivoting to this unique 20/80 Principle - highly competitive overachievement state - will create a High Performance Culture™ and the following business and customer results:

  • A new performance capability to consistently overachieve your weekly and monthly business objectives will become an on-going way of delivering results
  • The enormous gap between performance expectations and what is delivered will be closed
  • An award-winning customer experience at every touch point – a key and mandated competitive differentiator
  • Each of your teams and their team members will acquire the required performance capability to continually overachieve their daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly business objectives
  • A High Performance Culture creates and maintains a highly-engaged workforce and performance accountability will permeate throughout - all managers and their team members
  • Perfect alignment of the leadership team's strategies and excellence in execution will permeate throughout every team and their team members

Information to consider.

There is no business logic for maintaining the 80/20 Performance Rule because it has such a negative and adverse impact on the customer, an organization and its team's monthly and quarterly results.

Yet, it exists and regrettably continues to thrive.

Equally important, is another unknown performance fact that the mathematical performance capability of the workforce within the 80/20 Rule authenticates the premise that all organizations and its teams are less than 35% performance capable of meeting their monthly performance expectations – outcome is the micro-managing of the team members and the month end close.

When you ponder this incredible statistic, the customer and financial impact of this less than 35% performance capability state is immeasurable.

The business impact prevents an organization and its teams from ever reaching its true and optimal monthly revenue and profit potential. It is also one of the adverse predicaments that chokes the positive interaction between managers and their team members.

Why does the “80/20 Rule” exist in every company its organizations and teams?

Extensive research conducted by Gallop and Towers - Watson have provided a few of the following reasons:

  • 50%+ of the work force are not engaged and do just enough to get by
  • 78% of the workforce say they can be more effective and performance capable
  • 18% of the workforce indicated they are not working to their full potential

This research uncovered the "On-Going Under Performance Mask" within a company’s workforce supply chain; this data also supports the 80/20 Rule premise - only 20% of the workforce supply chain are A+B performers, unfortunately,
80% are average (C Players), below average (C- Players) and poor performers (D Players).

Lastly, only 4% of the 20% A+B performers are “Rainmakers”.

How is this major performance roadblock rectified?

Pinnacle Solutions' core principles are consistent overachievement of a company’s business and financial objectives and maintaining a highly-engaged workforce supply chain environment - a highly engaged work force always delivers exemplary daily and monthly results.

To create this consistent monthly overachievement state our patented statistic-based Performance Quotient (PQ)™ technology mathematically calculates, measures and determines an individual, team and organization's current performance capability against a pre-determined and tailored Human Capital performance and customer interaction model.

At the same time, the technology produces precise performance capability benchmarks and a cloud based software platform for substantially improving this crucial performance and customer interaction capability.

These improvements can be viewed in the individual and team progress reports.

Human Capital Outcome

The outcome will be the ability to migrate to the 20/80 Principle where 80% of your workforce become A+B top performers.

When will tangible evidence be seen?

The human capital performance improvements will begin within the first 60 days.

The positive business impact that occurs by initially increasing your workforce current performance capability of less than 35% by a small increment of 10% improves the teams' overall performance capability by 28.5% which will have a dramatic improvement in your monthly revenue, profit objectives and day to day productivity.

Research and logic have shown that A+B performers create a highly engaged and motivated workforce environment. Coupling A+B performers with unparalleled morale is a demonstrable atmosphere where consistent weekly overachievement will exist and continued monthly success will permeate within your workforce supply chain while creating significant increases in customer satisfaction scores.

Business Results

The business outcome will be a new and highly competitive overachievement performance backdrop - the 20/80 Principle™ which equals 80% A+B performers.

These top performers will influence and maintain a High Performance Culture™ – where excellence in execution and daily overachievement become a way of life within your organization and its teams.

Transformational Leadership State

Pinnacle will also provide the template that will enable you to transition all of your transaction managers who are mechanistic, procedure and task oriented - regardless of their management level - into transformational leaders.

Transformational Leaders acquire the skill that changes each team member’s current mindset and performance ability into always being a proactive overachiever.

This unparalleled relationship is developed by gaining the insight and understanding of each team member’s value system and their propensity to absorb predesigned one on one performance coaching feedback.

This critical human connection is the foundation for the on-going overachievement state.

At the same time, it will significantly increase the number of promotable leaders not managers which is a critical place holder of the "Ongoing Overachievement Performance Paradigm".

You will finally have the blueprint to transition all of your managers into transformational leaders.