About Pinnacle

Catalyst: Pinnacle’s Core Focus is on “Sustaining Monthly Overachievement” of a Company’s Business and Financial Results.

Pinnacle Solutions serves as the overachievement catalyst by providing our customers with a new actionable and patented technology to transition their transactional managers - who are mechanistic and task oriented (all managers at every level) into transformational leaders. Transformational leaders acquire and maintain the skill proficiency of harnessing each team member's - daily performance behaviors - against five "Critical Success Factors" - a customer centric attitude (treat every customer like a guest in your home), strategy alignment, excellence in execution, ongoing personal performance improvement and monthly overachievement.

Pinnacle invented this one of a kind cloud-based software technology that measures and analyzes a company’s workforce (all management levels and their team members) current transformational leadership and performance capability, as well as, their potential to consistently perform at monthly sustained overachievement levels.

Performance Capability - Lens - also evaluates an organization’s workforce’s current performance state and then compares it to Pinnacle’s – patented - science based leadership and overachievement models.

Positive Payoff - The Leadership and Performance - “Lightning in a Bottle".


For a company to continually overachieve its monthly leadership and business objectives requires a Highly Performance Capable (HPC) workforce with transformational leadership and overachievement outcomes as their highest priorities.

In other words, we modify our customer’s current leadership and business overachievement rationale by changing their Status Quo Thinking and Status Quo Performance Paradigms into a new and comprehensive template of being able to consistently achieve its true leadership and monthly performance potential.

Since 2000 our team has never worked with any Executive, Director or Manager who intentionally hired an average (C), below average (C-) or poor (D) performer. However, if you review the results of a company and its team members performance data, the evidence drawn from this analysis is the unfortunate conclusion that only 20% of the workforce supply chain (all managers and their team members) are top performers (A & B Players).

Regrettably, the data also argues that 80% of the workforce supply chain is average (C), below average (C-) and poor (D) performers. The impact and result of this performance equation is every organization and its teams are <35% leadership and performance capable – which translates into a return on investment (ROI) of $35 on every $100 invested.

These stunning statistics uncover a critical monthly performance issue and question; how can a company and its teams ever reach consistent monthly exceptional performance when 80% of its workforce is average, below average and poor performers?

The logical conclusion that can be drawn from this analysis is a company, its teams and team members will never reach their true monthly results potential.

Pinnacle’s unparalleled patented Performance Quotient (PQ)™ Cloud Technology will provide an overachievement performance blue print that will enable you to pivot from the 80/20 Human Capital Rule (20% top performers) to the 20/80 Principle™ where 80% of your managers and their team members are top performers.

Moving to this epic performance state is a competitive game changer and winning (on-going monthly overachievement) becomes a consistent way of life in your organization, its teams and their team members.

You will finally have the blueprint to transition all of your managers into transformational leaders.