High Performance Culture™

A High Performance Culture™ is the transformational leader's proficiency of harnessing each team member's daily performance behaviors against four critical "Success Factors".

Cloud-Based Overachievement Blueprint

Invented and patented the statistic based - performance overachievement technology that closes the huge gap between what is expected on a day to day basis and what is actually delivered

Individual Performance Accountability

Transitions - performance accountability - from the Leadership team to every manager (all management levels) and their team members

Execution Excellence

Closes the performance expectation gap of what is expected and what is delivered ensures consistent monthly overachievement

Performance Quotient (PQ)TM Cloud TechnologyLearn More

The Workforce Performance Overachievement Agent

Pinnacle Solutions' core focus is on the Workforce Supply Chain's (all levels of management and their team members) ongoing weekly and monthly performance overachievement.

Pinnacle invented and patented the Performance Quotient (PQ)™ Technology. PQ™ behaves as the Workforce Performance Capability Agent that provides our customers with the blueprint to pivot from the - 80/20 Human Capital Performance Rule - (20% A+B performers) to the 20/80 Principle™ where 80% of the workforce become A+B performers.

This new 20/80 Principle™ performance state will give you the additional capacity that will substantially improve your daily productivity levels, monthly project output and results while augmenting current revenue and profit streams.

Our solution centers on a statistic-based technology that measures and analyzes a company's Workforce Supply Chain's current performance ability and their potential to consistently perform at Sustained Overachievement Levels.

Pivoting to this unique 20/80 highly competitive overachievement state will create a High Performance Culture™ and the following business results:

  • The capability to consistently exceed your monthly business and financial objectives will become an ongoing way of delivering results
  • An unmatched customer experience at every touch point – a key competitive differentiator
  • Each of your teams and their team members will gain the required performance capability to continually outpace their planned daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly business objectives - results will be higher stock prices and augmented revenues over current performance levels
  • Create and maintain a highly engaged workforce – accountability will permeate throughout - all managers and their team member
  • The enormous gap between performance expectations and what is delivered will be closed
  • Alignment of the leadership team's strategies and excellence in execution against performance expectations will permeate throughout every team and their team member

There is no business logic for the shape of the curve (pictured) because it has such a negative impact on an organization and its team's monthly and quarterly results. Yet, it exists and regrettably continues to thrive.

You will finally have the blueprint to pivot all of your managers into transformational leaders.