Personal Accountability

Individual accountability is a critical requirement for consistent monthly overachievement.

Customer Satisfaction Scores

Delivering an epic customer experience for every customer served creates customer loyalty which is the foundation for producing maximum customer satisfaction scores.

Precise Team Alignment

Precise execution alignment from the executive team throughout the workforce supply chain (all managers and their team members) closes the gap between what is expected on a daily basis and what is actually delivered.

  • High Performance Culture™
  • Cloud-Based Technology
  • Team Member Accountability
  • Execution of Objectives

High Performance Culture

Pinnacle Creates High Performance Cultures

A “High Performance Culture” is the nerve center that unleashes the full transformational leadership and performance behavior potential of a company’s Human Capital (every management level and their team members).

Simply: A High Performance Culture is a Far Reaching Performance Impact Multiplier

Pinnacle Creates High Performance Cultures. The outcome is consistent overachievement of a company’s organizations weekly and monthly business objectives.

Why is this important?

Unfortunately, today a company’s Human Capital (workforce) is < 35% performance capable which means you need at least 1.5 employees to deliver the same planned output of one high performing employee. This type of unnecessary Human Capital expenditures produce a significant strain and reduction in monthly and quarterly profits (manpower is the highest expenditure on the income statement).

A “High Performance Culture” is a transformational leadership and performance management behavior culture by which the workforce supply chain - all managers and their team members - continually ask themselves the question how can I maximize my daily and monthly results. Currently, only a company’s rainmakers - 4% of the workforce demonstrate this type of behavior.

In other words, the workforce acquires and maintains a performance potential passion for delivering daily and monthly superior results while providing ongoing business and financial value to every customer they serve.

The result is a “Highly Engaged Workforce Supply Chain” which is the cornerstone for sustained monthly overachievement and exemplary customer satisfaction scores while laying the foundation for creating and maintaining a “High Performing Company”.

The Benefits for the Executive and Leadership teams are:

  • Augmented revenues and profit streams
  • Ongoing Operational Excellence – it closes the gap of what is expected and what is delivered
  • Significant cost containment and the elimination of waste
  • Best in Class Customer Satisfaction scores at every touch point
  • Continually leverages the talents and skills of every manager and their team members

Cloud-Based Software Performance Tools

Cloud-Based Technology?

The “Cloud” is the technical capability that hosts various software applications or services from a remote location that can be freely accessed and used anywhere via Internet accessibility.

Instead of installing a suite of software programs on multiple computers, you only require a user name and password to log in - similar to signing into your business e-mail account.

Pinnacle Solution’s Cloud based technology is a hosted patented service that eliminates the need for any physical infrastructure, it also doesn’t require any financial software or hardware investments.

Pinnacle Solutions is the only company that can accurately measure transformational leadership skills and the workforce’s day to day overachievement behaviors that are required to exceed a company and its organization’s weekly and monthly performance objectives.

Furthermore, Pinnacle’s powerful software application hosts custom industry and customer based transformational leadership and Human Capital overachievement performance models.

These models include sophisticated algorithms and mathematical equations that measure the current performance behaviors and transformational leadership capability of a company’s workforce supply chain – all management levels and their team members.

This Human Capital leadership and performance behavior measurement is critical because all managers and their team members are <35% performance capable (this low score is due to the 80/20 Human Capital rule) – the outcome is a return on a company and its organization’s Human Capital Investment (ROI) of $.35 on every dollar that is spent on these very important assets.

If you ponder this statistic, there is no financial logic or rationale for this extremely poor ROI.
Yet, it exists and continues to thrive!!

The reason why American industry has not paid attention to this extremely poor Human Capital ROI is due to the fact – they have had no experience in confronting this type of costly ROI issue, they also do not have the insight and performance lens to distinguish transformational leadership and performance behaviors capability in a holistic format for each individual, team and organization.

Pinnacle Solutions provides a well-designed patented roadmap to significantly improve this <35% workforce performance capability by mathematically measuring and generating the transformational leadership and performance behavior capability scores in a holistic dashboard.

These capability scores become the science-based performance baseline for ongoing improvement against a customer and organization tailored overachievement model for the individual, the team and the organization.

Improvements and increased business results will begin within 60 days.

Equally important, Pinnacle’s science-based technology is also user friendly and will deliver 95% statistical accuracy of a company and its organization’s Human Capital’s current transformational leadership and performance behavior capability - while providing a blueprint for individual, team and organization consistent improvements.

These types of ongoing improvements will provide a company’s organizations and teams with a workforce (managers and their team members) – that will be able to create and maintain a discernable competitive advantage in the markets that are served.

This workforce will also become the new transformational leadership and performance behavior standard bearer.

Team Member Accountability

What is Accountability in the Workplace?

Accountability is the responsibility of every manager and their team members to always complete the tasks they are assigned and to continually perform in an exemplary manner the duties required within the scope of their job requirements.

Don’t you admire and respect the manager or team member who goes above and beyond, takes ownership, shows initiative and really owns every assigned project, all processes and the problems associated with these type of responsibilities.

Pinnacle Solutions defines these individuals as "A+B" Performers. The question to ponder at this time is every manager and their team members in your organization "A+B" performers.

If the answer is no - WHY NOT?

The simple answer is 80% of the managers and their team members in every company/organization are average, below average or poor performers. When this performance mind-set of ongoing mediocrity exists, accountability that is required for ongoing overachievement performance will never gain a permanent foot hold.

The solution is to transition every manager and their team members to the 20/80 Principle where 80% of the workforce become “A+B” performers. Research shows that American industry spends $150B to $160B a year trying to transition to the 20/80 Principle with no measurable results.


The only way this performance paradigm becomes a reality is through Pinnacle’s overachievement solution.

Pinnacle invented and patented the performance technology that provides companies and its organizations with a new science-based lens that enables its management and their teams with the unique capability to measure the current transformational leadership and performance behavior capability of their workforce (all managers and their team members).

This science based solution gives the leadership team the ability to review various look at a glance reports that are easy to understand and comprehend.

The report format will give leadership the blueprint and ability to make significant ongoing improvements in the performance behavior capability of the workforce without any major process improvements and day to day involvement on their part.

Precise Execution of Business Objectives

Execution Excellence

Execution Excellence is a key performance indicator (KPI) for sustained monthly revenue growth in every business industry (profit or non profit) – the reason why execution excellence is a critical success factor is due to a well-known fact - there is a huge gap between - what results are expected and what results are actually delivered every day.

Outside Performance Factors

There are numerous factors in deciding a company/organization’s success or failure. Many of these factors are beyond its control, e.g. significant economic changes, catastrophic weather or major changes in government regulations.

Controllable Factors

However, many success factors are certainly within a company/organization’s control, e.g. creating and operationalizing a successful business or financial strategy, hiring and developing the right people and excellence in performance execution by their Human Capital.

Moreover, the better the organization executes on a day to day basis mitigates the external factors that affect it.


Hence, the success of a business depends on the precise communication process it uses to deploy its business vision, strategic plans and how it will align the workforce to deliver results against the vision and strategies.

This process of aligning all the above consistently produces Execution Excellence!!!

Road Blocks

A major negative roadblock that prevents the above alignment and execution excellence is a company’s Human Capital’s performance effectiveness rate. Unfortunately, every company/organization is guided and bound by the 80/20 Human Capital performance rule (only 20% top performers) - the affected outcome of the 80/20 rule produces a <35% workforce performance capability rate.

The result of this extremely low effectiveness rate means a company/organization requires more than one employee to deliver the same planned output of one highly engaged employee (actually - it takes approximately 1.5 to 2 employees).

These types of unnecessary workforce expenditures produce a substantive reduction in monthly and quarterly profits and significantly retards the company’s ability to create and maintain execution excellence.


To ensure a company and its organizations has ongoing alignment and execution excellence centers on Pinnacle Solutions patented technology that enables a company’s workforce in a way that creates ”High Performance Cultures”.

A High Performing Culture continually demonstrates transformational leadership and a behavioral based performance management culture by which the workforce - all managers and their team members - continually ask themselves the question how can I maximize my daily and monthly results to ensure the company and its organization’s vision and business objectives are an ongoing success.

This acquired and unique culture is the foundation that also enables organizations with the performance capability to realize their full potential by leveraging the success factors of their Human Capital.

A High Performance Culture is the powerful performance paradigm by which organizations gain and maintain a significant competitive advantage in the era of high volatility and low gross domestic product (GDP) growth.


The financial result will be continuous monthly overachievement of a company and its organizations business and financial objectives.

You will finally have the blueprint to transition all of your managers into transformational leaders.